Aims and Objectives


The East Belfast Area Learning Community is established to promote a culture of collaboration accross the educational providers in the area whilst recognising their individual automomy. This community aims to provide equality of opportunity for achievement and progression; and refelect the needs of the local and regional economy.


The East Belfast Area Learning Community is committed to developing opportunities for collaboration between education providers. Such collaboration will allow individual institutions to co-exist and complement each other, and aim to provide access to a broad and balanced curriculum which:

  • Motivates young people to participate in lifelong learning by developing a flexible, challenging curriculum and training provision based on local needs analysis and the needs of the local and regional labour market, and which prioritises young people's needs and aspirations;
  • Provides opportunities for progression leading to outcomes that learners value and which are valued by wider society;
  • Promotes young people's skills, ambitions and aptitudes; supporting their progression during Key Stage 4 and from Key Stage 4 to post 16, employment, apprenticeships and/ or Further/ Higher Education Training to 19 and beyond;
  • Permits monitoring, evaluating and reviewing provision to ensure that it promotes excellence, reaches agreed quality standards, meets the needs of young people and increases their participation;
  • Provides opportunities, as appropriate, for young people to be involved in the planning, reviewing and evaluation of provision;
  • Creates opportunities for joint staff development.