Choosing STEM Subjects

There are important times in a young person’s school life when they must choose subjects which will form their career pathway.

In Year 10 young people will make choices about the subjects they would like to study at GCSE/Level 2. On completion of their GCSE/Level 2 course they can choose subjects to study at A Level

1. Talk to your child about their ideas and think about their options choices.
2. Find out about their subject options in school and talk these over with them. Ask for help if you need it.
3. Go to Open Evenings and careers events with your child.
4. Encourage your child to work towards the best grades they can achieve, better grades provides more options.

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Help your child understand what careers are open to them by investigating the subject links shown below.

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Schools in East Belfast involved in STEM projects and activities.

Ashfield Boys’ School | Ashfield Girls’ School | Bloomfield Collegiate | Campbell College | Grosvenor Grammar
Lagan College | Mitchell House | Our Lady & St Patrick’s College | Park School | Strathearn | Tor Bank School